Welcome to the New World :D

There’s a new Beta Build, and Pandaria for the grown-ups is active :D

You don’t have a questline to get there yet, there’s a Portal panda in your capitol city of choice to go talk to who will take you there but once you do… I was right, this place is going to be fun to look at. It’s beautiful and although obviously Azerothian it’s just… well, not. There’s also a load to report after only thirty minutes in the zone, so let’s get to it.

Confused which bit of gear is yours? No longer!

You can now sort your gear on vendors by spec. This will be particuarly useful when selecting gear on points vendors (assuming we still have points come Expansion of course) Oh, and before you ask, the gear this guy sells doesn’t have a Pandaren skin yet, it’s just boring. I looked :D

You get ported to Dawn’s Blossom on arrival and (unless I was being blind) I don’t actually see any quests yet, or at least no !’s were immediately apparent when I arrived (with the exception of the flightmaster) However, one thing on the map immediately jumped out and grabbed my attention:

Like I’m going to ignore two digsites :P

Taking the roads (coz I am a safe soul ^^) I made my way to the more Eastern of the two Digs. Sites may be showing, but I’m going to suggest it’s not properly implemented yet: I was able to excavate NINE times and create two objects from the same site. None of the Icons or flavour text exist as yet either, and there’s not a unique Icon on your Professions screen…

Pandas looking a lot like the Vrykul right now…

One solve = one skill point. That’s probably not final either ^^

Needless to say, this took a lot of digging to unearth :P

I also tried fishing, as there’s a lot of water about in which to do so… and again, I was thwarted :(

Blizzard, why do you hate Professions so? :(

Realising my minority interests were again not again at the top of the priority queue, I thought it might be an idea to actually kill some mobs and see what happened. Not everything that should be skinnable is registering as such, many mobs when skinned yield a skill point but no skin. However, in about 40% of cases, you get both the skill raise and summat to show for it:


For a while all the mobs I could find were yellow, until I happened upon a large village of Red monkeys (who helpfully drop beer and Windwool Cloth, the bandage making material and quite important for you Tailors) I also found a boss mob, Kung Din:

Quest Target Mob!

This guy has a rather clever quest mechanic, which I will not reveal, but needless to say if Blizzard intends to make mini boss fights interesting like this one was, I’m really rather looking forward to levelling. I also used another of my new Hunter abilities, which I’ll stick in a video and publish after I’ve posted this.

I’d expect to see a ton of new information in the next day or so as more people get their Beta invites and start exploring. For now, I’d say things are off to a very good start.

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