Right then. Let’s go do some actual questing, shall we? I won’t do spoilers here, and I’m not going to give away anything intentionally: needless to say some may just happen. You have been warned.

There are no loading screens at present. However, there is a fully functioning quest sequence that begins at the Alliance start point at the far south of the zone. As of now you have to ride there to find it from the point you are deposited. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was a portal back to Stormwind, so we have at least got full mobility options :D

Two new Questing icons for you to learn… :D

You’ll encounter some new yellow advisory symbols on your initial forays into Pandaria: the yellow speech bubble and the yellow cogwheel (which also appear on your minimap). Needless to say, you interact with the former and talk to the latter. Easy game :D There are also hints of a more intelligent quest phasing taking place even at this early stage: asked to rescue some Alliance people, once they do they vanish for you, and don’t hang around as is often the case just waiting for the next quester to come along and find them.

At this point, I was very glad I was a skinner. EVERYTHING you kill in the starting area can be skinned, but at present only about 40% of what you skin actually gives you some leather (either scraps or a complete piece). This could be intended of course, I’m not sure as yet. I’m at 562/600 and at the rate the mobs are being slaughtered I can see myself maxxing out before I even leave. If you don’t have a profession coming into Pandaria (and I know many people don’t bother), you really could do a lot worse than take Skinning now.

Then there was the moment when my skinning yielded something new:

Hang on, that’s not a Mummified Organ!

Official: Plump Intestines are the new Strangely Bloated Stomach. Crack them open and they currently give Volatiles (I have Life, Water and Earth thus far) but I’d bet whatever the Pandarian equivalent become, you’ll see them in there soon. Next up: skinning enough mobs to see if I get an equivalent of the Pristine Hide… ^^

The biggest change I’m seeing thus far is rewards.

I can see a pattern emerging here… ^^

My first reward was a 372 crossbow. No difficult choices to make, just one reward. After that, it was a mail hat and now… I have mail trousers. If you come to the zone fresh from 1-85 levelling, without a Dungeon to your name, you’ll have a set after you finish these quests you can dive straight into a dungeon with. That’s class, Blizzard. It also pushes people to quest. Also brilliant.

Right, now if you’ll excuse me I need to find someone and see how long it takes to max out my Skinning skill… ^^

5 thoughts on “[BETA] Notes from a Pandaren Island :: Day One

  1. Re: Class based quest loot.
    That is going to be hard to balance the rewards. Have Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate values been equalised? If not, a warrior is going to earn significantly more gold than a mage doing the same quest chain from the vendering of non-upgrade items. They can't boost gold rewards for cloth classes either because they the warriors will lose out more whenever they don't vend an upgrades


  2. GC news is that most quests only offer current spec gear. Offspec will have to come from vendors offering lower ilvl items, crafting and dungeons. Good to hear. Maybe having more expensive purchase gear offsets getting more for vending your loot (unless you are an enchanter who de's everything…)

    From wowhead ilvl 372 legs (Scavender's stuff), Plate ~14.5g, Mail ~12.3g to 13.2g, Leather ~ 10.5g, Cloth ~8.5g


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