I will be honest with you at this point, gentle reader. I am very grateful for my Beta Invite. I know how many people are narked at not having one, and I’m well aware that this means reading about things you can’t be involved with may well not be the most fun ever. I’m trying to rein in my enthusiasm but this is the Honeymoon Period. Everything is new, and unexplored. There are no guides to look up and follow, I’m on my own, and I love the feeling of genuine exploration, because that’s what it is. I pick everything up. I interact with anything that moves, and I get teleported out of zones I shouldn’t be in yet. BOO.

Then, I discover something that makes me even more excited than [Plump Intestines]…

You know, I think that flavour text is there for a reason.

I found this when I killed a turtle in the Murky Bank, which is very close to the Valley of the Four Winds border. It’s not a skin, it’s a drop, and it’s soulbound. I have to do something with this, obviously, and as I have no idea what I’ll keep it in my bags. However, as it has a 6g sell price I could just as easily sell it or grind multiples of it for cash… but you know, I reckon this could have a higher purpose. There’s nothing else for it, I’m going to have to quest and see if its purpose becomes clear.

I’m also going to have to do a LOT more exploring :D

[EDIT: From Twitter: Details of Cookery. Well, a few anyway :D]

4 thoughts on “[BETA] Hints of Something Larger?

  1. That would be interesting if they were trying to get you to combine multiple greys into something usable. That was always my hope for stuff like Ruined Embersilk Scraps.

    Of course it could just be a quest item in the works too…


  2. The drop rate is very low: I've seen items like this from porcupines, tigers and turtles. I am wondering if these items might be exchangeable for Craftsman's Tokens, which have been mentioned in various places…


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