Yes, it’s important enough to warrant a graphic. There goes NEXT month’s budget… ^^

I have come to grasp that my interest in Professions is only likely to be shared by the rest of you lot when they’re actually finished, and every piece of news I get is not nearly as significant as I believe it is. Therefore it might be an idea if I mindlessly fixate concentrate on summat else instead.

Let’s summarise what Wowhead have been able to dig up on Warcraft Pokemon Pet Battles, shall we? All of this is taken from their exhaustive post on the subject:

We have eight classes, as demonstrated by our new graphic above. They are as follows:

  • Beast : Bonus to Critter Attacks, reduced damage to Humanoid and Flying.
    [Melee Attacks: stuns, increases physical damage taken]
    Example: Scorpion.

  • Critter : Bonus to Humanoid, reduced damage to Beast and Flying.
    [Sneak Attacks: damage based on the number of enemy buffs]
    Example: Prairie Dog

  • Dragon : Bonus to Flying, reduced damage to Water and Dragons.
    [Fiery Attacks: Single Target/aoe damage.]
    Example: Crimson Whelpling

  • Flying : Bonus to Mythical, reduced damage to Dragon and Flying.
    [Crit Strikes: multiple turn based abilities.]
    Example: Rustberg Gull
  • Mech(anical) : Bonus to Humanoid, reduced damage to Mechanical and Water.
    [Tech Spells: Powerful DoTs but unreliable.]
    Example: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
  • Mystic : Bonus to Dragons, reduced damage to Animal and Mechanicals.
    Looking like Elemental-based spells based on Mystic Powder (from Wowhead)
    Example: Lashling
  • Water : Bonus to Mechanical and Dragon, reduced damage to Water and Humanoids.
    [Healing Spells: only class so far with these]
    Example: Island Crawler
  • Animal: no information, but 3 abilities are currently linked to them. Mythicals do less damage to them.

(I’m betting those classifications might change, by the way.)

Wowhead have a full list of datamined abilities and the first details on where wild pets will be available to tame: I would expect to see WarcraftPets go into high gear in the next few days and for there to be full guides in production as to what you can find where. Needless to say, as this is Beta things are going to change a fair deal, but I’d go out on a limb and say that this set of ‘core’ classes is a fairly solid framework, even if names change.

Time to start learning your class abilities, folks :D

[EDIT: WarcraftPets are showing three additional pet classes on their recently posted update: Elemental, Humanoid and Undead, and is registering Mystic as Mythical. Wonder if I can get a refund on that graphic ^^

Needless to say, their article is better than this one. Go read it now :D]

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