The Scholomance. A lot purpler than I remember it.

It should not be news to anyone following the MoP Bandwagon as it slowly rumbles across these lands that both Scarlet Monastery and the Scholomance will be receiving L90 updates come the Expansion. This (of course) means that their lower-level counterparts won’t remain intact once Mists arrives, and in turn we could see some fairly significant changes not simply to the levelling experience, but to some established achievements as well. Having been in both instances I can say they’re a lot less confusing, but in the case of Scholo I’m going to miss the old layout in favour of the newer, less convoluted trip.

However, we’re here to consider what might vanish forever…

The hugely frustrating but rather satisfying Well Read for instance, needs you to locate many books which are housed in both updating instances: as of now on Beta none of those books exist at all. It is of course highly likely that they may return (bear in mind that the low level instances in most cases don’t even have loot if new mobs have been introduced) We also have no idea whether items like the Tailoring pattern Jandice Barov currently drops will be gone or be replaced elsewhere. Certainly there are a lot of items that drop in the normal loot table that might be living on borrowed time…

A rather cool ability from a new Scholo boss. Professor Putricide FTW!.

These are items that, I suspect, will be low on Blizzard’s priority list, and may well be totally overlooked for End Game and ‘new’ content. If you haven’t yet completed the ‘current’ Scholomance (or indeed Scarlet Monastery) experience you might want to consider adding them to your ‘To Do’ List… :D

3 thoughts on “[BETA] Last Chance to Achieve?

  1. I totally forgot about patterns and such possibly being taken out. The collector that I am I am going to have to see if I can find a list of things that are from those only and gather them up now.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. By patterns I assume you mean pattern, and it wasn't showing as a defunct spell when I checked Wowhead earlier. I intend to run this on Live this weekend anyway, so I can check which items might be about to vanish for good…


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