That Hat needs some work, Blizzard… ^^

The Panda made it to Stormwind.

I’ll leave my thoughts on the entire Starting Area experience for a separate post, because I am still distilling what I think into a workable read. There’s then a quest chain on your arrival which, it’s fair to say, isn’t complete yet:

Varian’s a Surfer Dude. OFFICIAL.

Needless to say, that’s not what this post is all about. I’m here to consider the emergence of a number of new NPC’s in Stormwind…

One of my biggest issues when you create a DK for the first time and are dumped into Azeroth is the lack of continuity after you become an Alliance Member proper. This is addressed to some extent with the Worgen (who at least get an interim home in Darnassus, even if most people ignore this fact altogether and take the first boat out.) Part of me would like to think that, as the Alliance’s newest member and without a clue as to how all this shizzle works, that Blizzard might be preparing a set of quests for acclimatisation to the New World I now inhabit. Certainly, it’s a large range of races and classes that appear to have popped up as if by magic:

Stealthed Worgen Rogue by Trade District
Night Elf on Canal Bridge, class unknown.
Sanguine Dwarf (with beer mug) at entrance to Stormwind Keep.
Lucas and his companion (Naanae), both Paladins, on the steps of Stormwind Keep.
It might just be a co-incidence that you pass all these guys on your way from your drop-off point as a Panda (outside Stormwind) on your way to meet the King, but I find myself thinking this is a bit more than that. There is nothing more to do with these guys currently than just click on them (the panadins do self buff each other but that’s about it) but I for one will be watching things closely. I have one other NPC who is isn’t on this ‘route’ too, and I’ll be doing a tour of Stormwind again later to see if I can find anyone else who I don’t immediately recognise…

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