My Trap Launcher is a Buff :O

I am coming to the realisation that, actually, I might to have a serious go at playing with the Hunter on Beta. I’m slowly grasping that a lot of things have fundamentally changed, the main one being that I have no buff stick any more, and with it no minimum range. I must come to remember and accept I am melee :/

Bearing this in mind I took myself out to the Twilight Highlands to look at one of the shots I hastily chose last night before going to bed as one of my new Talents (I’m going to need some Vanishing Powder and a proper rethink on what I pick next time around) Then it hit me, I’m earning XP again.

There are commas EVERYWHERE!

I don’t do five figure damage anymore, I do two figure (comma) three figure damage now and it jars, it really does. I think I want a squish and not a way to divide large numbers with punctuation. But that is beside the point: that’s rested bonus (I had one and a half bars) so this is telling me yet again I’m being pushed to the new zones to level, and doing it in old content is pointless. I’ll be doing the old ‘complete lots of dailies and hand in on launch’ trick again, I think.

Then, I got sidetracked, and made this:

It shows Binding Shot and shows me that, with some thought, I could probably make a half decent video if I wanted to. This is probably both a good and bad thing :D

What I do know now, without a doubt, is that this is a bigger change than I’ve seen in game for a while. This is, in the scheme of things, roughly akin from going Vanilla -> TBC and that was traumatic, but ultimately liberating. I think I need a sit down, a cuppa and to actually form a Proper Plan.

4 thoughts on “[BETA] Hunter News!

  1. I'll checkt he vids out later. For now, I struggle to understand the difference between a five-figure number and a five-figure number with a dividing comma. Maybe it's because I've been dealing with numbers all my working life, but 57,524 and 57524 mean exactly the same thing to me!


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