Yes, that’s three new slots guys…

One of the areas I have a personal interest in over the Beta Period is the craft of Archaeology. It is well known around these parts how much I hate the thing currently and how it needs a right good slapping to get it near to being anywhere near fun. We already know we have both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ Pandarian races who will contribute to our new efforts (thanks to Wowhead) plus a bunch of solves exist in the game files, but how these will fit into the current scheme of things is as yet unknown. As you can see from the above, the spaces have been made for the Panderan and the Mogu. What happens next is for another Beta Build.

For now I can tell you that solving Tolvir Archaeological Finds will reward you with 37,700 XP (with rested bonus) and each complete solve is giving five skill points (I tried Tolvir and Fossil, I’ll do a couple of others for comparison but I’ll bet that will change depending on level)

More news as and when I dig it up ^^

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