Shouldn’t you be on a boat somewhere rescuing people? ^^

Unable to be patient whilst my L85 was copied, I decided I’d make a L1 Monk and head to Stormwind. I learnt the following in the process:

  • The Character Creation screen for Stormwind has become far more 3D and generally awesome. I suspect this change will roll out across all factions.
  • You can make a monk that’s not a Panda, but there’s no training for you in SW as yet. I assume the same is true of any faction who can do Kung Fu.
  • The game looks better. textures appear a lot smoother, shadows a fair deal more defined. I’m using the default settings and it just looks nicer. This may warrant further investigation by those people who actually know about these things.

My reason for going to SW was simple. I wanted to talk to Professions Trainers.

You weren’t here before. You’re new, aren’t you?

On my circuit of the City I picked up a number of new NPC’s, obviously placed for deployment at a later date (most notably there is a Draenei Shaman at SW Harbour with a scrying bowl, plus Night Elf Druid and Priest trainers at the harbour.) There were a large number of critters polymorphed too (gotta love Mages) and some of the new Warlock demons on show. No-one can get to Pandaria yet, it appears, so nothing to report on that front. But I digress: let’s collate all the Professions News I’ve found.

  • The next step up for everyone will make you a Zen Master, training your skill to a maximum of 600. To do this requires 500 skill and 57g (48g at exalted rep)
  • Nothing is currently available to train in any of the Primary Professions. Wowhead now has a list of raw materials, recipes and other items available data mining. (thanks to @Aralosseien via Twitter for the heads up)
  • Two new recipes can actually be trained in Cookery:
Fish cakes and meat balls. Not much, but it’s a start!
  • These recipes appear to use ‘common’ food substances as has been the case in previous levels of Cookery. I need to get my Panda a fishing skill :D
  • You can buy the new Inscription ink (Starlight Ink) from the Inscription Trainers, but there are no sign of any glyphs in SW that I can find. 
  • UPDATE: Having gotten an 85 to SW to learn the new Zen skills, it transpires that First Aid has 2 bandages to learn and costs lest at Zen level than the other professions:
That’s a lot of damage healed :O

It appears therefore the reason why there was no Professions News in the MoP media tour was because… there is no news, at least not yet. There’s lots of things suspended in limbo however: let’s hope it’s not long before we can see how things will pan out.

In the meantime, I need to try and find a fishing trainer in the Starting Area… :D

One thought on “[BETA] Not There (Yet)

  1. New items seem to be up and they are carrying on from Cata levels. Is this a sign that the item crunch is still to happen later or is your L85 dealing 12 mega-damage?


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