… aaaand BREATHE…

As a Wide Man once said: ‘It’s all going off.’

When Blizzard says ‘The Beta is soon’ that’s weeks, possibly days before the World explodes. Suddenly it’s no longer about speculating on what’s in store, there’s a chance to actually see it for real. IN PERSON.

As a result, time to make some serious decisions. And take lots of deep breaths.

Assuming I get my Beta invite via the Annual Pass, all Beta Posts will be marked as such for those of you wishing to avoid such frivolity (see title above). Twitter Posts will also be marked to reflect this. I will also be setting up a separate page for all the Beta Discussion, as much for my own reference as anything else. I intend to focus on rolling/playing a Healy Panda and will take P into the 85-90 grind, whilst simultaneously seeking out/chasing down information on the following:

  • Professions
  • Faction Rep that impacts on Professions (looking at YOU Tillers)
  • Archaeology
  • Fishing
  • Observing pretty things
  • plus there will be undoubtedly lots of General Faffing… :D

For the record, I’m going to leave all that analysis of actual abilities, talents and shizzle to the people who understand such things better than I do. I make no bones about it, my main interest in all this is seeing how EVERYTHING BUT THAT WORKS. In situations like this I think it’s best to play to your strengths. I suspect some Hunter guff may slip its way in but I’m no BRK, just so we’re clear.

On the Non-Beta front, expect there to be discussion on preparing your characters for a new Expansion, including the process of preparation for a new Class/Toon to enter your family… :D

For now however, I’ll be off to wait for the EU Battle.Net site to come up so I can opt my 11 year old son into the Beta… :D

One thought on “[BETA] Some Quality Zen Time.

  1. I am debating on if I am even going to dabble in the beta. Last time I did things early it kind of ruined the fun of doing it when it really mattered.

    Most likely I will end up taking a look anyway but my focus would be more toward making a brewmaster. I want to see what tanking with one will be like. In a way it looks like a rogue tanking in rift which I always had fun with.

    Although I am tempted to get a hunter up and use stampede as often as possible because that would just be too much fun.


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