Verify range to LARGE PILE OF SPARKLY LOOT! One click only!

Let us now consider the awesome (that will be) AoE Looting.

One of the things I REALLY liked when I did my one month SW:TOR trial was the fact I killed stuff in packs. It was pretty rare I’d take one mob at a time, as I recall: when my mini-packs would die, pretty blue and green shafts of light would appear, indicating where I had loot and that some of it was of higher quality than other bits. I’d click on one mob, and there it all was, in one place.


There’s a reason so many people are excited about Blizzard’s AoE Looting announcement.

As a skinner, this is pretty much as good as it gets. This way, I can pile up huge amounts of mobs and just loot them all in one hit. There’s a possible downside of course, that people can come in and steal ALL OF THE SKINS, but I’m already thinking ahead on that front, and part of me thinks Blizzard might be too. Skinning targets can be ‘tapped’, I’m wondering if that could be linked into AoE loots so if you get all the stuff off mobs you ‘mark’ them as yours at the same time. Again, we’re at the whim of Subjective Information Dispersal and won’t know the answer to these questions until someone either a) fills us in or b) throws us a Beta to play with.

It also makes soloing instances for loot even more attractive: you want a ton of Silk Cloth? Not going to take long at 90 to steam through an appropriate levelled instance and pile up bodies. However, this then throws up some additional issues:

  • Many people only loot what they need, leaving items on mobs as a result, especially when questing. Will there be an easy way to pick and choose what loot you take and what you can leave from multiple mobs?
  • Bags are going to fill up a lot faster. Blizzard can’t help you with that. Time for BIGGER BAGS.

Doc Brown’s ‘Goldmaster 9000’ Patented Gold Making Hat. Just add effort!

With the Gold Making Hat on, if it wasn’t enough that there’s going to be a load of new Pandas running around needing things to put their stuffs into, there’s also going to a ton of people who realise that even with the Void Storage, they need MOAR SPACE FOR AOE LOOTS. The Honorable Gentleman for Boston, Mr Van Allen, has already touched on such Pandarian money making strategies, and I would urge you consider his recommendations.

I can already envisage a great game which will involve seeing just how many mobs I can kill and loot simultaneously… :D

2 thoughts on “You are NOT Prepared… ^^

  1. I first experienced AoE looting when rift came out. I started playing at release and immediately found a few quality of life things in that game that WoW needed. AoE looting was one of them, now if only they could get more of them rolling it would be nice.

    Things like, increased base bag size, quest items going into your quest log instead of taking space in your bags. Stuff like that. Why blizzard has not added them is beyond me.

    At least AoE looting is a step in the right direction. I am going to love this for soloing. Kill everything pick up once, get everything you need already stacked for you. Love it.


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