No changes here. Yet.

I was thinking last night how it would be possible to present an original spin on the massive amount of information we were going to get thrown at us by the Press Tour. ‘There’ll be no way’ I concluded, as everyone who was there has got it covered. I was right. There’s no way I can make a better job of this.

Except I can point out one glaring omission. Where’s the professions information?

I’ve checked WoW Insider and MMO thus far, and I’ve read the Pandaria FAQ twice. There’s information, but none of it is related to crafting. Cookery gets a nod, Archaeology gets a new branch, there’s some glyph info.. that’s about it.

I realise gear is the last thing to be finalised in an Expansion, and historically professions are near the bottom of the pile in terms of being sorted on Beta. However, I think most people agree the entire system’s borked and needs an overhaul, and it would have been reassuring when all this information was presented to at least HEAR SOMETHING.

I’ll spend the rest of the day being excited about the wealth of new stuff we have to look forward to but I have to admit, there’s a bit of me that’s really sad. I’d hoped for at least some indication things would be looked at, that we might finally see some love for those of us who craft.

Here’s hoping it will appear eventually.


Signed, a Sad Panda.


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