When you log in and you’ve made all your money from Mogging items, you know it’s a Faff Day. It’s the proverbial calm before the storm, and so we will Faff Post as well, because I have a fair bit of stuff to impart that isn’t worthy of a post on its own. First up, damage.

Blimey Charlie. That’s before my upgrade as well.

I very rarely top the meters in Guild Runs. The fact I did on Thursday night tells me the following:

  1. Everyone else had a Bad Night.
  2. I am finally grasping how to play my class properly, and consistently.
  3. Gear really is a huge factor.
  4. It takes me about three months to grasp a rotation.
  5. I am learning to move only when it matters, rather than reacting to everything.

I suspect we’re at the stage where Heroic Modes could be doable, but that’s going to depend largely on who turns up: it was a stretch to pull 10 people together last week. If the Panda News is really good next week that might change. Needless to say, I am happy that I’m not being carried at present and I am contributing as much as I can.

I also won the Spire of Coagulated Globules on Thursday night, which then presented a bit of a Mogging issue: it’s a Staff. I had nothing I was 100% happy with to replace the skin with (and a bank full of polearms ^^). Some poking around the Intewebs presented me with what I considered was a suitable alternative: the Tower of the Mouldering Corpse, which drops in the normal version of the Forge of Souls. It was time to go farming.

Traps to the left of me, Stings are to the right, here I am…

I used this as an excuse to practice using Wyvern Sting as CC, which I’m very bad at. Even on Normal the mobs in here are a bit of a pain if you can’t self-cleanse automatically so it’s actually quicker in the long run for me to use the CC. I gathered enough cloth and mats to make a couple of Frostweave Bags, and if the Abyss Crystals I listed on the AH sell, this has the capacity to become a fairly lucrative farm spot. Needless to say I have my new staff: it’s identical in looks to the lovely animated stave the Kirin Tor bird has inside the Violet Hold when you first enter. In all cases animation & looks.

Now I know why people want enchant glows toggleable ^^

All I need now is to get the cloak I want from Heroic Slave Pens and I’ll finally write this outfit up for Go Mog Yourself…

Mogging is the Big Thing of course, on the Interwebs and the AH. As 1-60 rare mobs drop a fair number of items that are highly desirable in these circles I thought I’d have a poke around the Blasted Lands. Today is probably as good as it’s ever going to get:

Rares in Blasted Lands. They’re one louder ^^

To summarise: twelve Rares spawn in the zone. Today, I killed ten and tamed one. I saw one for the first time (Dreadscorn) and saw Grunter for only the second time since I’ve run the software (which is well over a year) Only Teremus evaded me: all I can think is as I killed each spawn another one respawned to replace it. The loot drops were spectacular in Mogging terms: four pieces of Emerald plate which is a top seller, and a Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch. This could be the most profitable day I’ve had in this zone for some time, and it’s definitely worth a look if you’re up early or late.

In Hunter Pet News, I finally have a Pointy Pig:

This one I won’t dismiss by accident ^^

I have named him Porkupine. He is likely to become my tank of choice in Pandaland :D

2 thoughts on “Everybody Faffs, Sometimes!

  1. Oooh I've never seen Dreadscorn. I will have to go try and look again but those Blasted Lands rares drop some nice mog gear… so people are always killing those beautiful rare creatures.


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