Admit it, the waiting is getting to you.

Unless you’re the one person on my Twitter feed who’s publicly stated they’re not excited about the Pandas at all (you know who you are ^^) this weekend has the capacity to become a Living Hell of Anticipation. The last time I got this wound up was the week before the last episode of Season One of the X Files broadcast (OMG they killed Deep Throat!1!1!!!) and frankly, this kind of waiting’s not good for a girl. So, in a vain attempt to try and stop myself imploding before Monday, I has made motivational posters. Yes, there are pictures:

#1 in a Series. Ho yus.

The ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ series of motivational posters have a very interesting place in British culture. For those of you interested in this piece of World War Two propaganda (that actually wasn’t) take a look at this potted history. Needless to say, since the poster gained popularity there are now places online that you can produce your own versions. With this in mind, I’ve made a couple to help you remain an equilibrium over the coming weekend. The first one is likely to be my default state, if truth be told, because the one thing I can guarantee is going to be of benefit in the expansion is gold, so farming is always worth doing. However, I appreciate some of you might want to do something a bit more interactive:

Warning: other Twin Peaks achievements are available.

You’ll double your honor doing Twin Peaks this weekend, but there may be some of you that just fancy some mindless PvP Action:

Note: Not applicable to Horde. Like, ever ^^

However there will be those of you who are happy to hang around Stormwind/Orgrimmar, and you have not been forgotten:

Keep Calm and Go AFK also acceptable. You know who you are.

This was a cheap post, but it kept me occupied for thirty minutes and it might do the same for you… What posters would you create to help people get through the Weekend before Panda News?

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