That bloke from Star Trek, that bloke from LoTR and a bloke you’ve never heard of,
waiting for some other guy… @The Guardian, photo by Tristram Kenton.

Yes, we are still Waiting for Panda News.

I understand why this Press Tour Thing is being done in the way it is, I really do. There is NOTHING worse than playing ‘First Person to Post the Exclusive’ in this World where the speed at which you disseminate your information is often more important than the quality of that information (and indeed it’s validity) By sticking an NDA on everyone this week you give those people who are actually paid to do this job a chance to show why this is the case. We can be thrilled by their journalistic ability and we can revel in totally accurate information, backed up by lots of pretty pictures and illustrations.


If you’ve never read or watched ‘Waiting for Godot’ you’ll not grasp the significance of me using the above image (and you’ll kick yourself you never saw that production at the Haymarket which was, by all accounts, as good as it should be with the three guys above playing the leads) and not understand why waiting (at least for me) is becoming as much of a performance as a piece of theatre. Stage-managing in the Gaming Industry is probably as important as the games themselves, especially if you’re trying to carve a niche for your new title. I’m looking forward (with considerable added interest because of my love of the subject matter) to The Secret World by Funcom. It’s all about Secret Societies, you know. I’ve been drip fed information for MONTHS and it’s getting me unreasonably excited, but I am well aware I’m being managed. It’s all part of a larger plan to keep me engaged without blowing my brain with too much to take in at once. This is what now worries me about next week…

When your game of choice has been around as long as your youngest offspring, there’s a lot to live up to, and a LOT to potentially assimilate. Last time around I gave up trying to grasp multiple class mechanics (I’ll admit) and I just worked on the Hunter, and only now am I beginning to understand how everyone else works, with the full knowledge I’ll (probably) have to relearn a bunch of stuff all over again. I think I’m confident I’ll grasp changes to Professions far faster, that I’m ready to adapt my online time to prepare for any opportunities to stockpile some gold in anticipation. It then becomes about prioritising what I get given next week.

I have a mental image of Bloggers, across the Globe, all standing on their various ‘stages’, finding themselves needing to so something, ANYTHING while they are Waiting for Pandas. In this fact I take comfort, for I am not alone. Unlike Vladimir, Pozzo and Estragon I know that my information will arrive, and when, and that it is the inexorable progress of the Universe itself that stands between me and FINALLY SOME PANDA NEWS.

Doesn’t make the waiting any easier… :D

One thought on “Waiting for Pandas.

  1. We were fortunate enough to see that particular production of 'Waiting for Godot', and it was indeed as good if not better than the combination of actors promised (likewise Hamlet at the RSC with that bloke off Star Trek and that bloke off Doctor Who).



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