It’s so obvious, we made a post about it. Nublets!

There is a lot of issue with Loot in LFR. This is not a post about that.

This post is prompted by the LFR I just did on the Vanity Druid, as a Boomkin. A Kitty enters, and is in my group, and promptly a conversation begins between him and the Rogue about the Vial of Shadows IN PARTY: the Rogue needs it. It’s ok, the Kitty replies, I’m full 10 man, you’re good, I’ll even roll for you if you like.

I’m just here to gear my OS.

Right, first thing’s first. I do not condone how anyone ‘uses’ LFR to get loot by means that do not include a fair roll (and Elune knows lots of people do): many people I know are maintaining the stance that ‘if everyone else is, why shouldn’t I’ and that’s absolutely fine. Do your own thang folks, it’s your conscience that’s the issue in most cases. However, if you are going to actively cheat the system, make sure you keep it to yourself.

You’ll probably want to use whisper to your server mate next time. You’ll also want to change your title from ‘Destroyer’s End’ as well, especially if you’re 16th on the meters after the first fight.

Just saying ^^

[DISCLAIMER: Cheating any system is bad, wrong and may result in expulsion, ostracism and could, over time, lead to you becoming a pariah. Just say no, kids.]

2 thoughts on “How NOT To be Seen ^^

  1. I got a kick out of your Destroyer's End comment.

    It is amazing how many people I see wearing that title that I would not even invite to an alt run raid because they are so bad.

    I have the title, I will never wear it. It is a horrible title if you ask me. Never even put it on once to see how it looked.

    For those people that are wearing it and finishing 16th on DPS I have a feeling that it is a way they feel they are justifying their ability.

    It is like, the title earned them the right to suck because the title proves they are better then that.

    I wish people would understand that the title means nothing, their actions do. If you finish 16th you are bad (or at least one of the worst there), no matter what your title is.

    Have you ever noticed that the person with the biggest mouth insulting people in the LFR usually has the destroyer's end title and is doing worse then anyone else?

    If anything else, that is a reason not to ever wear that title. I do not want to be associated with that type of person.


  2. I had a bear tank in a random heroic acting like a right arrogant arse recently – I'd joined part way through as evidently the DPS I replaced had left in frustration/disgust. I remember commenting that the tank was a really annoying, and his response was to link his Heroic Ragnaros achievement, as if that … justified things? I really don't know.

    Besides, having an achievement/title doesn't even mean much – you can die in the first few seconds of a fight and still get it. I'm pretty sure someone in our guild paid to have a raid carry him to his Heroic Deathwing achievement, since he's still got various bit of blue gear on, and is average DPS at best.


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