No, I still don’t quite believe it… ^^

I just won the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby.

I am in shock, I know. The drill is the same, every week: I go sit by a school and I wait for the shout, then I fish and after five minutes someone else has won. This week, however, was different.

Last week my Dear Blogging Friend Mr G. Elf Esq. won the Contest. I found myself thinking this morning that I was going to try and mix things up a bit as a result. I decided to pull out a Lucky Mascot.

You don’t think I’ll win this either, right?

Ever since TBC, Archmage Vargoth has been our Guild’s unofficial Good Luck Charm. His staff has travelled with me since those first Serious Raiding days in Karazhan, and whenever I need a boost in a difficult fight, out he will come. Today was the first day I’d ever asked him to help me in a Fishing Contest. I am old enough to know that the RNG bows to no charms or distractions, that it is its own cruel master… but today needed to be different. It was :D

After seven minutes, no-one had won, and I was already resigning myself to my fate. People had come and started fishing from the pools I was already using, and that never ends well. Flying south across Grizzly Hills, heading for the coast, I found a pool untouched and waited for the shout to tell me someone else had nabbed the Shark.

Hang on, what was that last thing…?

I didn’t notice it when it showed in the loot window, it was only when it dropped in my bags it registered. There was at least ten seconds of blind panic, where I almost hearthstoned back to Stormwind and forgot I bought the Band of the Kirin Tor for a reason, and that’s why it’s part of my fishing set. The next two minutes is a blur of fingers. There may have been some Real Life cheering. I also apologise to those people on Twitter for an over-enthusiastic tweet, but I’m on my own this afternoon and I felt the need to celebrate. Oh, and sorry to the two people on line in Guild I spammed afterwards as well  :p

The fact remains, I am now Salty P, I own the XP ring, and I’m going to have to shorten the Circuit of Disappointment a bit. I think I’ll cope…

12 thoughts on “We Interrupt the Schedule…

  1. Woo hoo! FANTASTIC! I know the feeling, the dawning recognition of what you have fished, the mad pressing of buttons, the choosing of the loots…. It is hideous and wonderful all at once :) Congratulations!


  2. Wow! Grats!

    It's the only thing I have standing between me and Salty… but I am now phased dues to some cataclysm quest and I can't do stranglethorn… so I just just given up trying.

    Maybe I should get back on the boat.


  3. Gratz! So nice to see you got the Salty title.

    I know how you feel right now. I just managed to get the Time-Lost Protodrake at 05:20 this morning :)


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