Hastily-copied stock internet imagery can mean only one thing…

Thanks to yesterday’s ‘news’ (how great it is to actually have something new to talk about?) there is a good chance a few of you have arrived here for the first time. It occurs to me as a result I should probably do some introductions. If this were one of the courses I have taken part in over the years I would now be forced to awkwardly recount a number of random personal details in an attempt to ‘break the ice.’ I’d also wish everyone had a name badge on with a fact on I wasn’t supposed to mention about them, because I always do (completely by accident) Instead of all that, let me just welcome you all to this slightly dusty yet well-kept corner of the Interwebs and say the following:

  • I like playing Hunters. Last count, I have FOUR at L80 and above.
  • I also like alts, farming and making money. A LOT. It’s because of the Professions, and because I have the attention span of something with a low attention span…
  • Yes, I really have been here since Vanilla. No, I’m not just saying that.
  • I often get obsessed by stuff and do it repeatedly until my eyes bleed…
  • This includes Questing and Achievements. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people…
  • I am, as you will soon realise, a massive contradiction.
  • I do not suffer fools gladly. Stop that now, please.
  • If I notice summat new in game, I’ll normally drop everything to share it (see yesterday ^^)
  • Did you not hear, I SAID STOP IT!
  • I have a long suffering Paladin-playing (and alt-loving) husband and two school-aged children and I will act like a Mum sometimes. Feel free to remind me when I’m like this that you’re all adults and are past this. IF YOU DON’T STOP THAT IT WILL BREAK!1!!!1!!
  • I love writing, and when I grow up I want to be one. I wish I could still have one of those old fashioned British Blue Passports that had a space where you had to put your occupation…
  • Did I not say if you didn’t stop that you’d break it…? ^^

I hope you enjoy your time here, folks. I love this gig, I hope you will too… :D

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