M the Shaman :: Now with added Guild Tabard

I have reached the end of Week One using my new Squad Rotation, and the results have been reasonably satisfactory. In bullet point form, we’ve managed the following:

  • Cataclysmically Epic \o/ (new hat!)
  • Coming Down the Mountain, which in turn opened up the Molten Front dailies. I’d like to finish the Hyjal quests that remain, before moving on next time the Shammy’s up for inclusion to Vash for Cash :D
  • 1500g from quests and sale of Obsidium Ore, which was lying about rather a lot in Hyjal.

I haven’t played a DPS Shaman since before Cataclysm and things seem to have improved a fair bit since then: I’m not hitting stuff close up (obviously) and am using my healing gear as a spellpower type and as a result of the last week I will be looking to get an OS set sorted before the Expansion. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed playing this way, and healing especially in LFR was one of the more enjoyable experiences I’ve had with that system.

I’ll hope I get lucky in LFR this week with a weapon, and I’m considering getting a Force Reactive Disk made as a ‘bigger’ shield to go with my current outfit, but for now, her Mogging Outfit and her current state are enough to make me think this Squad Rotation thing has got some merit… :D

One Set, Simple Mace, but needs a bigger Shield…

I’m going to use the Renowned Guild Tabard to get everyone’s Rep to Exalted with the Guild before the Expansion, in the vain hope this may give some kind of advantage… ^^ Plus, I like the pink…

Next up, we’ll be pulling Druid #1 out of storage and throwing her into a week of work :D

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