... aaaand that’s the Graphics Budget blown for the month ^^

Welcome to March, where we may finally get An Idea of WTF is with the Pandas, if we’re patient. Personally I’m not a big fan of waiting, but I have INFINITE patience, which is lucky as I think I’m going to need it. Inner Peace folks, just keep thinking… ^^

Needless to say, the Boffins at ALT: ernative Towers are aware that there’s a lot of mouths to feed around these parts and some of the lesser alts are not getting as much time to do their funky thangs as is necessary to prepare for the Black and White Invasion. Therefore, we have (at vast personal expense) come up with An Actual Plan. As you can see by the extremely expensive explanation produced above to demonstrate our intentions, we plan to play a 1-10 formation for the next month, rotating the one ‘up front’ for another (one) at each weekly reset. First up, it’s the Shaman.

Full Ornate Set, Animated Shield, Mace still ‘in progress’. Still, pretty good.

M’s healed since she hit 85 despite possessing a DPS spec, which was finally reinstated last week in anticipation of her promotion to #1 Alt since yesterday. Her main task whilst active will be to quest, hopefully completing Hyjal to open up the Molten Front (and access to Blacksmithing recipes) and whoever else I can fit in during my time before Reset. Thus far it’s proved comfotably simple to steam through the content, and I’m hoping I might be able to fit a couple of Guild Heroics in to max out points for the week having done both LFR’s for the standard 500 point reward.

I’d also expect to see her running some of the older content with appropriate DE-ing accompaniment to see if I can pick up any of the 1-80 BS recipes I’m missing, especially in the Outlands Dungeons.

Watch this space for the latest Rotation News as I try and remember this mail wearer’s pets have a TEN minute cooldown and however hard I try, there’s no guns to fire… ^^

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