No, of course not, but I’m still struggling with the throat infection that’s plagued me for two weeks now (and am thinking I may have to go get drugs to cure it) and so there has been No Raiding but Plenty of Faffing. Highlights of the last 48 hours are as follows:

Perhaps not taking this on a green background would have helped… ^^

Horde Hunter has hit 81, is entrenched in Dailies of the Fishing, Cookery and Tournament varieties, and now has matching mount and pet. Next step, getting the Vanity Pet to complete the trio, because a smart Hunter Lass always craves co-ordination. Ho yus. Let me further demonstrate this with #2 Hunter:

Big dog, Little dog, Dwarven Hunter. Repeat until logout ^^

Little Worg from Lower Blackrock Spire. Big Worg from Hellfire Ramparts. Shabby Male Dwarf from the Inn, but at least looking smart in co-ordinated gear. After she hits 85, Horde hunter will get the same treatment. Talking of which…

Finally, I can stop faffing. NO REALLY.

I’ve been playing with my Mage’s look since her first Mog Outfit, and only now am I really happy. Terestian’s Stranglestaff was a bonus from a 2 man Kara run last night and it poked me to sort out the all white look I’d been going for, inspired by another Mage in my Guild who’s done the same. I’ve been spending increasing amounts of time playing with looks, and this means you’ll see some subtle changes to my header as time goes on. For now, this is one look I’m happy with. I got 2 enchants I was missing last night too, which was a bonus: I’d only really gone to Kara for cloth and DE mats to fuel my burgeoning Imbued Netherweave Bag business… ^^

You’re a Gnome in a Goblin Mask. Not fooling ANYONE, really ^^

As I’ve felt bleurgh all day, I thought I’d go quest, and so off I went to Stonetalon. At the back of my mind I am aware that unless I go get the Theramore quests done as they are, there might not be as many there come the Expansion, so it’s time to explore what the Horde are doing on Kalimdor: I have to say, I came out of 55 quests rather depressed, especially as I watched the Horde blow a bloody big hole in the middle of Stonetalon just to wipe out a Druid Training Facility. This will only end in tears :( If you’ve not done the New Cata Quests pre-60, I’d suggest you give them a look Alliance side, because I suspect as I head into the Barrens things are only going to get worse…

I’m also faffing with everyone else on the Roster in one form or another, and suspect as a wind-down from my College Assessment I’ll be spending the next few days doing quite a lot of very little… ^^

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