Yes, they exist. There, I said it.

I have been poked by certain people to admit it and yes, I do. I play both sides. As a fan of AH speculation I can’t afford NOT to have a Horde presence on my server and when the Festival Lantern appeared I realised that, frankly, it was time to stop pretending. By that point I’d made my highest level Horde character a Worgen Druid and not a Tauren so it was time for a rethink. Thus, the Red Team was born.

E is a 77 Hunter (well DUH) and N is a L20 Rogue. This for me embodies a) the easiest toons to level and b) the ones with the most utility when it comes to maximising time ‘on the other side.’ If you’re reading this on Alliance side and think this perhaps means I’ll be transferring toons back then I will stop you now and reassure you I’m a Blue Girl first, and P will ALWAYS be the priority when I’m progressing. However, as times change, there’s a need to be prepared, to watch all three Auction Houses instead of just the one. These guys are around to pad out my Faffing Network, whilst at the same time watch for faction-only items that might turn a decent profit.

Currently E’s sitting at the Argent Tournament quietly doing the Dailies and getting ready to pick up some Tournament Pets, whilst N acts as a trainee DE-er and bag manufacturer (I know, Tailoring/Enchanting are hardly Rogue-Friendly professions, but there’s a plan here) If the Grand Plan changes I will of course let you know, but for now this is me simply admitting that only pretending there’s one side to this game is putting yourself at a tactical disadvantage. It takes two to, and all that.

The fact I made them a logo means you’ll be hearing more from them in the future :D

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