You can never have enough stuff. Maybe I could delete SOME of it… ^^

I think it’s time for an Audit.

This is the most characters I have ever had active at one time: EIGHT level 85’s, all at various states of quest completion and with assorted dross in banks and Void Storage. I think it’s high time I actually had a Proper Plan: there’s thousands of gold wrapped up across two accounts that I could really do with releasing ahead of the Expansion. I also run three vanity banks across both factions, and I’m pretty certain there’s stuff in all of these that could be deleted (though I’m not getting rid of the Mudskunks above for nostalgic reasons) With my Assessment due Thursday (and I’m almost done) I think an audit is a fine idea, so I can plan the next couple of weeks ahead while I wait for Blizzard to tell me about the Pandas…

I’m going to need paper, a pencil and a brain. As I can only manage two of those things this early in the morning it’s high time I went and made a cuppa first…

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