It’s a FOUR RARE Day again in the Blasted Lands ^^

…and two of those dropped a Flawless Sphere. Blade of the Titans popped out of one bag. I recall that used to be a fairly regular reward from the chests in Maraudon, back in the days when it was a Chinese Gold Farmer Mecca, when you could find a chest in EVERY INSTANCE. /nostalgia

Anyway, as you can probably tell, this has not been a week of trailblazing. 7/8 remains where we are (Realm Rank 56!11!!1) and it’s likely to stay that way until the weekend. I’ve spent the last few days with my kids having some fun at my mother’s while I’m try to write poetry (have been reasonably successful) and during ‘breaks’ stuffing odds and ends in around my upcoming submission deadline. In no particular order:

  • Running Festival Quests for tokens to hand in for Birds and Pets, to then be put to one side to ‘mature’. People selling mounts for 8k now, you WILL regret this later, trust me. Instant gratification is not what it’s made out to be.
  • Taking Hunter #2 through Outlands (see Wednesday) as a) an exercise in achievements and b) for mogging/gathering/moneymaking. Latest revelation was the price of Netherweave Bags on my server: I’ve been converting all my cloth to bandages, NOT ANY MORE. There’s plenty left over too, so if anyone wants free 16 slot bags, I’m yer gal. Oh yeah, and check out my reasonably-priced mog auctions while you’re at it…
  • Dragging the Bank Druid along behind Hunter #2 for rep. Nuff said.
  • Circuit of Disappointment (see Thursday). Pretty much a given until SOMEONE DROPS MY STUFF.
  • A side investigation on the merits of grinding mats for Motorcycle Manufacture, which I am likely to separately address in a later post. Suffice it to say: Eternal Fire @ 48g on my server :O There may be moar farming in Wintergrasp…
  • Mogging. Hunter P has a new pair of shoulders and a polearm. Hunter G finally has his boots from the Botanica and a new polearm. Both druids are now mogged. I have begun work on the Shammy and the Paladin. There will be extensive posts and pictures, after my deadline.

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