I’m staggered I’ve never made a specific Blog Post about what has become such a major component of my daily life online: it even has a tag! Time to change that…

Terokk’s Dead. Again. GIEF TRINKET DAMMIT.

Welcome to my Circuit of Disappointment. I am not 100% sure who coined the name (might have been my husband, might have been my Fiery Mage Mate J) but the contents are consistent: the mobs who wave the RNG in your face whilst at the same time mocking you as they FAIL TO DROP THE ITEM YOU WANT: ALWAYS. Back before ZA was a 5 man I’d run that weekly so that the Raptor and Tiger mounts could fail to drop (and they always did ^^) as would my Hubby, who’d also run MC for the Windseeker Bindings (which luckily for him is no longer necessary) For now, my Circuit is comfortably compact, if truth be told:

  • Collect 40 Time Lost Scrolls (fine for Shadow Dust, thanks) so I can summon Terokk and he can fail to drop the Time Lost Figurine… On the plus side, I will never need to farm for Netherweave EVER AGAIN ^^
  • Go to Karazhan weekly and get mocked by Attumen, so he can fail to drop what would now be Mount #129… or…
  • Run Setthek Halls, kill Anzu, and fail to have his/her/it’s mount drop. I think I have as much chance of this one as I do finding the Time Lost Proto Drake. I do look from time to time, but I have stopped going out of my way because it depresses me…
  • Failing to win the Northrend Fishing Contest. See here.

Maybe I’m destined never to succeed with these four tasks, because without a Circuit my life as a sad obsessed Collector of Things would come to an end, and everyone must have their nemeses. Maybe by finally writing them down I can at least consign one to the ‘Done’ pile (yeah that worked with the Fishing Contest ^^). 

Instead, I ask you the question: who or what is on YOUR Circuit of Disappointment?

    5 thoughts on “The Circuit of Disappointment!

    1. Mine's almost the same list, just longer.

      Kara for Attumen's Horse

      Sethekk Halls for Raven Lord mount

      Any fishing contest

      Fish up rare fish for The One that Didn't get Away.

      Old Crafty

      Old Ironjaw

      And I'd forgotten about The Time Lost Figurine so I might just add that to the list.

      I did manage to give up on the Deathcharger's Reins, don't even care anymore Baron Rivendare, so there.


    2. I was lucky enough to get the kara mount a few months back. All the others I am still in the same boat as the others.

      Someone else mentioned old ironjaw which I find funny. Back before they removed the bloated fish from the fishing achievement, and I am glad they did, I was fishing for it in ironforge. During that time I caught ironjaw 6 times. Never caught the stupid bloated fish even once. I was so glad when they removed them from the achievement.

      I have no luck with fishing. My main has never got the one that didn't get away yet I have three alts that got that achievement before their fishing was even level 25. My warlock got it on his first cast ever. Achievement mock me sometimes.


    3. “I am not 100% sure who coined the name (might have been my husband, might have been my Fiery Mage Mate J)”

      It was definitely the Wonder Pally, alas I merely quoted it.

      Damn, I had completely forgotten about the Time-Lost Figurine. I'd better add that to the TBC Circuit, along with Anzu and Attumen. :-)

      Occasionally I wander over to Storm Peaks to see if the Time-Lost Proto Drake is around. I've found the corpse twice and that's all. I haven't got the time or energy to camp it seriously, and from what I've read, the phrase 'time lost' is most appropriate!

      Haven't seriously tried fishing Old Crafty or Old Ironjaw, but they're on the 'nice to have' list of achieves.


    4. I've actually stopped farming for that trinket. I'm going to lull the Gods of RNG into thinking I don't actually want it. Then in a few weeks, I'll be like “oh going to go kill that Terokk guy for some leather pants” and it will drop! (hopefully).


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