No expense was spared in the creation of this graphic.

Today, twenty five years ago, I met my husband for the first time. During that evening he spilt beer all over himself, burnt me with his cigarette and totally fooled me with his charm, sophistication and ability to look really smart when utterly legless. Needless to say, after a quarter of a century of practice he’s improved all three abilities to the point where I am utterly happy being his wife, especially when I come down to breakfast and find there are flowers and chocolates waiting.

He’s also the best Paladin Tank I’ve ever met, the finest Raid Leader I’ve ever played with and the smartest tactician I’m ever likely to strategise with, even if it takes him most of the evening to realise my idea was actually better and we should have done it on the first pull. Everyone has their blind spots, after all.

Happy Anniversary Palalalalaladin Bloke. May the next 25 be as much fun :D

7 thoughts on “An Important Day

  1. Are you my twin? Today 26 years ago I met MY husband for the first time. It was in the KFC after we had each been to some Valentine's party! Happy Anniversary to you and your Paladin from me and my Bear :)


  2. Congratulations and a Happy Anniversary.

    I'll admit, my Valentine's Day wasn't quite as lovely, simply because I stumbled downstairs still half asleep as my wonderful wife headed off to work. I see Reese and a card and that's exciting.

    Now to work on my own little display for when she gets home…


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