Behold, the latest way to give Blizzard your money…

Mount #128 comes as a late Anniversary gift from my husband, but neither of us are entirely sure the Heart of the Aspects is doing it for us. The very-obvious Chinese influence is there, to be sure, and the amount of movement in flight makes it almost impossible to capture well and is likely to make me sick while I ride it/watch it. Plus, as of now there is now walking animation, so you can’t land. It’s hover mode or nothing ^^

Needless to say I call Blizzard cashing in on Valentine’s Day and the fact there’s nothing else happening until next month. But, as was stated at #126, a mount is a mount…

2 thoughts on “#128 : I Dunno… ^^

  1. I love the look of the mount and think it looks better than the other ones Bliz had come out with in the store. I'm excited by the Asian influences of Mists and this mount for personal reasons.


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