Needs a saddle. Also, less pink ^^

I can remember as a child saving for a Sindy doll. I really wanted one, as all my friends had them, but I needed to get the money first, so I was judicious and applied myself until one day I had enough to go to WH Smiths and get it. When I finally had it home and out of the box, I found myself wondering what all the fuss had been about.

This bird and that Sindy doll have a great deal in common. However, a mount is a mount, and this one is #126.

Perhaps the next thing I save for will look better when I finally can afford it.

[Note: Maths from last week still holds. The extra Love Tokens from the Daily Boss helped get me to 265 this morning, and I ground out 50 charms via Tol Barad to complete it. I may yet grind for another to stick in my ‘Future Investment’ bank tab…]

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